My daughter was invited to go Trick-or-Treating with friends on Ramstein Air Base. Here she is dressed up as a lamb..

In case you missed it (I’m not sure how you could have), last Saturday was Halloween! Historically also known as All Hallow’s Eve, there is quite a bit of controversy as to the origin of this holiday. It was long, long ago thought of as a Christian holiday, with pagan roots, dedicated to remembering the dead; specifically saints (also known as hallows), martyrs and all the faithful departed. Because some Halloween practices contradict some biblical teachings and beliefs, some people chose not to celebrate Halloween.

However it can be argued that the purpose of the holiday has so much evolved that no one really reflects upon the origin of the holiday, and that it has since become just a commercial holiday. For children the holiday is all about dressing up in costumes and going door to door collecting candy. In English the children say “Trick or treat”, as opposed to what German children say “Süsses oder saures”.

Some other fun things traditionally done on Halloween are bobbing for apples, in which you fill a bucket or barrel with water, then throw in about ten apples which float, and then using just your teeth try and get as many apples out of the bucket out as you can in an allotted amount of time. This is done in competition among family and friends. Cutting pumpkins or Jack-o-lanterns, is another Halloween tradition. For the older crowd (teenagers and up) Halloween is also a fun time to attend costume parties, go to haunted houses and watch scary movies.