Setting the scene – TIP TOP trainers’ workshop

In the theatre a play is performed on stage. As a spectator I’m eager to see what the stage will look like. I sit, full of anticipation, in the darkness waiting for the curtain to rise. Will there be wild and wonderful props? Bright lighting? Or mysterious and atmospheric shadows? Dramatic or melancholy music? Will the stage be modern and colourful? Or minimalistic and monotone?

And the same is true for our TIP TOP English courses. The trainers are responsible for creating the appropriate setting in which to stage the lesson. An atmosphere that is inviting, friendly and conducive to learning. The setting and look of the room have an impact on how students perceive the lesson, how they take part and ultimately on their results.

TIP TOP works with bright colours and objects. We arrange the furniture in an imaginative way to create open spaces and to involve the whole group. It is important to activate our senses whilst learning – hearing, seeing, touching – and our trainers use all sorts of props and signals to do just that! We aim to awaken our students’ curiosity and provide an interactive and memorable setting for a valuable training experience.

“Setting the scene for an exciting lesson” was just one of the topics on our agenda at the TIP TOP Trainers’ Workshop last Saturday.

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