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Custom Speed Training

In only two months at high speed you will become your own expert. How? With the combination of customized online live sessions with a live trainer and interactive full day PowerWorkshops for your company in your country! 

Everyone will benefit! Whether you are an HR expert who interacts with a global talent pool and deals with recruitment processes or in Global sales where you engage with partners from different countries to negotiate your business strategies. You would benefit in the technical field where you respond to technical specifications, do machine set ups or maintenance. Our specified training programme is created for your professional success around the world! 

20 years of English training around the globe

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Professional Excellence Seminars

Our one-week seminars recognized by German Government Standards prepare you for international business and multiple challenges. The seminars will take place in your country for your company!

Our three Professional Excellence Seminars are tailored for Leadership and Managers.
Whether you’d like to become in our Mastering Communication Seminar the perfect communicator who can turn his communication into successful outcomes or to someone who wants to have powerful skills to contribute to changes or successful deals in our Mastering Business Seminar. You can facilitate and speed up your English correspondence in our Mastering English Correspondence.
Using any time-consuming digital translator will become unnecessary.

Mastering Communication

Seeds of Understanding & Transforming Conflicts 

Learning different communication styles and applying effective communication methods for successful results.

Mastering Business

International Meetings & the Power of Change                            

Applying strategies and tools that help to deal with changes positively and turning them into opportunities.

Mastering Correspondence

Becoming your Own Master in
Writing and Speaking

Avoiding misunderstandings and creating clarity with diplomatic and tactful language in e-mails and on the phone.

Why can you trust us?

We are recognized by German Government Standards for English Training

More than 90% of our key accounts with customized English trainings are still our business partners

20 years of English training for our industry experts have made us experts, too

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