Do you think the same,

that British food is tasteless, unseasoned and that the vegetables are steamed and overcooked? Is that the reason you don’t visit Britain?

Well, hurry up – those days are over – these thoughts are just anchored in your head! The traditional Ploughman’s Lunch, Steak and Kidney Pie and Fish and Chips were originally eaten by families, labourers or farm workers to provide a hearty meal. Or perhaps by merrymakers as a basis for an evening of drinking pints and whiskies! Since the 1990’s, however, “eating out in pubs” has become fashionable and lots of pubs these days have very sophisticated menus. “The Wild Rabbit” for instance, located in the Cotswolds in Kingham, sources its foods from local farms and uses dairy products such as goat cheese, ricotta and buttermilk to create smooth, creamy sauces for its extensive selection of dishes. And London offers a wide range of exclusive recipes adapted from the Asian cuisine ranging from gilthead with bright green coriander-chili sauce to sweet potatoes in aubergine yoghurt dressing with pomegranate seeds. Hmm - how delicious! So don’t miss out!



unseasoned – ungewürzt

steamed – gedünstet

hearty meal - herzhafte Mahlzeit 

merrymakers - Kneipengänger

basis – Grundlage

dairy products - Milchprodukte

dishes - Speise, Gericht

gilthead – Dorade

pomegranate seeds – Granatapfelkerne


Do you know what...

chop means and where The Chopper motorbike comes from?

You might have come across this word in the kitchen or when doing the gardening. You can chop vegetables such as onions or carrots or chop wood for your fireplace. But have you ever thought about the Chopper motorbike? Yes – the Chopper earned its name during the 60’s and 70’s because revolutionary motorbikers in the USA were looking for something new and different. By removing excess equipment, parts and accessories they created a bike that was cool, stylish and uncluttered with absolutely no frills! I was told that they even drilled holes through the fenders and wheel rims, just to make the bike lighter and sleeker. Handlebars were raised high, the front tire became thinner and gas tanks and chunky indicators were reduced to a minimum. So, did you get it? The word “chop” can be used for anything which you chop off or into pieces to make it smaller or lighter -  or in the Chopper’s case, to get rid of superfluous metal and materials.



come across – über den Weg laufen

chop wood - Holz hacken

earn – verdienen

remove excess equipment – überflüssiges Zeug entfernen

uncluttered – ordentlich

with no frills – ohne Schnickschnack

to drill holes – Löcher bohren

fenders – Schutzbleche

wheel rim – Felge

sleek – schnittig, schlank

chunky – klobig, klotzig

indicator - Blinker

chop off – kleinschneiden

to get rid of – loswerden

superfluous - überflüssig


Happy Easter to you!

Easter Sunday, also called Resurrection Sunday, marks the high point of the Christian year. On Easter Sunday the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is celebrated. This is held between March 21 and April 25 on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the northern spring equinox. So Easter is the week from Good Friday, when Jesus was nailed to the cross, to Easter Monday, when his resurrection was celebrated.

Instead of a cross and an empty tomb parents use different images to teach their children about this special time. Together families paint eggs to symbolise new life. They hide the eggs and filled baskets in the garden and search for them with their children to bring across the message of Easter and to instill a greater understanding.

The TIP TOP team also wishes you happy Easter egg hunting and a wonderful Easter holiday!



resurrection – Auferstehung

spring equinox – Frühlingssonnenwende, Frühlingsanfang

Good Friday – Karfreitag

empty tomb – leeres Grab

instill – anerziehen, einträufeln

egg hunting - Eiersuche