Why don’t you...

nurture your creativity this month? How?

Sometimes the best way to evoke self-nurturing abilities is to mirror what you do for others. By supporting others, having an open ear for a friend, a colleague or somebody you meet in the street, you may discover your own creativity. You will see what you intuitively possess. Just this experience of giving, can create a sense of well-being and will help you find out more about yourself. Just try it!


nurture – fördern

evoke – hervorrufen

mirror – spiegeln

possess – besitzen


Did you know...

that Lent is the forty day period before Easter and that it is called Lent because this is the Old English word for spring? Forty days is a traditional number representing discipline, devotion and preparation. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and ends at Easter. What are your targets for being more disciplined and prepared for something new? Disciplined in keeping appointments with your family; disciplined in not talking about others behind their backs; disciplined in perhaps leaving your car at home for once and going on foot. You might even dispense with your cosy sofa, snacks and television in the evening and do some workout exercises on your carpet instead.

Try it out – give up something or start something new, not only for Lent but for yourself! It will clear your mind and shift your perspectives!


Lent – Fastenzeit

devotion – Hingebung, Zuwendung

preparation – Vorbereitung

Ash Wednesday – Aschermittwoch

go on foot - zu Fuß gehen

dispense with - verzichten auf 

workout exercises - Sportübungen


Are you often...

stressed out, hectic or unable to remember what you have heard or read?

Then you should listen to music with a frequency of 432 Hertz. It has been proved that this boosts your spirit, mind and body and has calming and healing affects. Many ancient instruments were adjusted to 432 Hertz. And famous composers, like the Italian Guiseppe Verdi and Mozart based their music on the natural vibration of 432 Hz. The standard pitch for music nowadays is 440Hz which does not harmonize with natural vibration. This small variation of 8 Hz seems to make all the difference to our human consciousness.

So, our advice is to listen more to Mozart’s music or any pieces with a frequency of 432 Hertz. If you want to learn more about this go to

http://tip-top-english.de/cross-over-learning and read about Cross-Over Learning.


frequency – Frequenz

ancient – sehr alte, antike

pitch – Tonhöhe, Tonlage

nowadays - heutzutage

consciousness – Bewußtsein