“A word a day blows the cobwebs away!”

From the moment we wake up ... we text, we google, we schedule, we download, we navigate, we listen, we watch, we read and we track. In today’s modern world, the smart phone is involved in just about every aspect of our lives and many of us spend, quite literally, 24 hours a day interacting with this clever electronic device.

It’s handy, it’s intelligent and it’s accessible and it’s the perfect companion to help you improve your English! The excuse, “I don’t have time to learn vocabulary,” is a thing of the past.

Now you can download a whole variety of apps to allow you to check words, and to test and retest yourself, wherever and whenever you like. Sitting at the station, eating your lunch, waiting while your girl friend tries on shoes, lounging by the swimming pool, walking the dog ... anything and everything is possible!

TIP TOP English has put together a list for you of the best English learning apps. Each one provides over 1,000 words presented in simple phrases to give you the essential context for successful learning:

• Professional conversation partner: Duolingo (Android and iOS)

• Entertaining and easy: Babbel (Android and iOS)

• Learn basic vocabulary quickly: 50 Sprachen (Android and iOS)

• Practice makes perfect: Busuu (Android and iOS)

• Clear introduction: Sprachkurs Englisch (Android)

When learning a language, we recommend using a wide range of different methods, including images, sound and movement, to help you to remember your English words.

According to a study by “Stiftung Warentest,” smart phone language apps offer an excellent support tool for learning but do not substitute a real language course with a real-life trainer!

By the way, it has been medically proven that learning a language at any age keeps your brain active and helps prevent memory loss. Professor Sorace, of Edinburgh University, Scotland, who speaks Italian, English and French and understands Spanish and Sardinian, is currently conducting studies on dementia and brain health.

She says, “Even brief language courses of three to six months can dramatically improve brain ability and ward off mental decline in later life.”

So, why not blow the cobwebs away and start with your new learning app now!



to blow the cobwebs away – sich einen klaren Kopf schaffen

to google (this verb really exists in the Oxford English dictionary)

to track – zurück verfolgen

quite literally – ziemlich wörtlich genommen

handy – praktisch, nützlich

electronic device – elektronisches Gerät

lounging by the swimming pool – faulenzend am Swimming Pool

essential context – wesentlicher Sinnzusammenhang

recommend using – recommend requires the ”ing“ form

to substitute – ersetzen

medically proven – medizinisch bewiesen

at any age – in jedem Alter

prevent memory loss – verhindert Vergesslichkeit

conduct a study on sth – eine Studie über etwas durchführen

ward off mental decline – geistigen Abbau abwehren


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