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Everyone needs a motto ...

by our trainer Lis

I remember when I was a child and I used to visit my father’s office in London. He had a sign on his desk. Inscribed in gold on the wood were the words, “Remember what you believed when you arrived.” As a young girl this fascinated me and I have carried this little motto along with me through life. It helps me to keep a strong head, to be true to myself, to trust in my abilities and to follow my dreams.

Sometimes it’s really good to have a wise or funny motto to help you through the sticky moments in life! I have several which are like old, familiar friends but I also adopt new ones on a yearly basis.

Now we are getting towards the end of January. Perhaps New Year’s resolutions, which we keenly made on the 1st, have already faded and been forgotten in the day-to-day bustle of living. What are our plans for the year? What changes can we make in our lives? What exciting projects lie ahead of us? Finding a motto and vowing to live by it for the next twelve months is fun and a challenge! What’s yours for 2017?



sign - Schild, Zeichen

inscribed in gold - in dem auf dem Holz in gold eingraviert die Wörter standen

abilities - Fähigkeiten

sticky moments - schwere Momente

old, familiar friends - alte, familiäre Freunde

New Year’s resolutions - Vorsätze fürs Neue Jahr

keenly - begeistert, leidenschaftlich

day-to-day bustle of living - tagtäglichen Trubel des Lebens

vowing to live by it - schwören danach zu leben


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