As this is our last newsletter before the break, TIP TOP would like to wish everyone a relaxing, productive and sunny summer! We’ll be back in September full of new ideas, energy and enthusiasm with some innovative and exciting ways to motivate you!


Where are you going this year?

Maybe to a warm southern beach; to the calm majestic mountains or to an ancient city with narrow cobbled streets. Perhaps you will be cycling through fields of sunflowers and along leafy lanes or camping by a cool green lake with your family. Or, like many of us, simply staying at home enjoying the peace and quiet of your garden or balcony.

Wherever your destination is, you will certainly have one thing in mind: relaxation. To forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the appointments, the stress, and to wind down and recharge your batteries. For many people it’s important to undertake a holiday activity; such as reading, cooking, gardening or playing beach volley ball with the kids! Whatever you decide to do, it is essential to put aside some minutes for yourself each day; to be alone and to reflect. Watch the changing clouds, let your eyes rest on calm water, listen to the wind in the trees, or follow a bee going patiently from flower to flower.

Think about changes that you can make in your life. It is often the small alterations or little adjustments that are the most sustainable. Contemplate different ways to think and act positively, both at work and at home. Reflect upon how you interact with and influence others. Set goals and challenges for yourself and examine and act upon the results. Give yourself a time frame in which to work. It has been proved that 30 days is the ideal period to test out a new idea, to try something different or put a change into action. And if you fail the first time, don’t worry, don’t be beaten, rethink your strategies and start again! Never, never, never give up!

And of course, you might make it your top prioirity to top up your English with TIP TOP! Our professional trainers are ready and waiting to work with you! 



calm - ruhig, still

majestic - erhaben, majestätisch

ancient- alt

narrow - schmal, eng

cobbled street - Kopfsteinpflasterstraße, gepflasterte Straße

leafy lane - Laubgasse

hustle and bustle - Hektik

undertake an activity - etwas unternehmen

patient - geduldig

small alteration - kleine Veränderung

adjustment - Anpassung

sustainable - nachhaltig

contemplate - betrachten, nachdenken

influence - beeinflussen, einwirken

examine - prüfen, untersuchen


Itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini ...

 .... as the song goes! And this year the bikini celebrates its 70th birthday! When it was launched in 1946 it sparked worldwide outrage. Its controversial skimpy design went against people’s moral and religious beliefs causing it to be banned in many countries; the Vatican even declared it sinful. And this is exactly the effect that the designer of the bikini, Parisian engineer Louis Réard, had hoped for!

He named the swimsuit after Bikini Atoll, a tiny island in the Pacific, where the Americans were testing the atom bomb. “The swimsuit’s revealing style will create an explosive commercial and cultural reaction similar to the explosion at Bikini Atoll” said Réard and he was definitely right! 70 years on the bikini is still as popular as ever. Its story is an interesting one, showing us how women’s bodies and society’s values have changed over time. So if you want to bare some skin this summer, there are lots of styles to choose from ­– the monokini, microkini, trikini, tankini, bandeaukini, skirtini, and for the men, the mankini – which one will you be wearing?!



launched - eingeführt, gestartet

spark - zünden, entzünden

outrage - Empörung, Frevel

skimpy - knapp, sparsam

declare - erklären, angeben

reveal - enthüllen

to bare some skin - etwas Haut zeigen


Train the trainer!

For the second time this year the TIP TOP trainers came together for an internal workshop. These sessions are always productive, informative and fun, but why do we do this?

As a team we wish to speak a common language that is understood by everyone. We aim to communicate clearly what is important to us and also to strengthen and support you in your intended plans. You would like to perform well in LIFE and at work: then we can help you.

Looking at the daily challenges that we all encounter when dealing with people is the core of TIP TOP’s work. Here we see not only the urgent need, but also the potential, to find solutions which are easy to apply directly.

Coaching Smoothie “01”

A great chance lies between what is said and what is heard!

Between the sender and the recipient there is always a vacuum, in which the recipient is free to choose how he or she deals with the information!

It is important to realise that you always have the possibility to steer your thinking patterns and therefore your feelings and emotions. No one can be forced into a way of thinking. Your thoughts are free and come from inside you! Considered or rash – angry or relaxed ­–­ sad or joyful – agitated or calm.

We, as trainers, would like our course participants to recognise that thinking patterns are changeable and flexible, if we can just become aware of them. It has been proved that we always have a certain period of time, however small, between hearing and reacting. In this time we are free to make decisions.


A positive reaction results in positive thought processes. A negative reaction gives negative ones. It is simple, isn’t it? But not always so easy to put into practice.

Next time you receive an e-mail from an overseas colleague, who once again doesn’t seem to be keeping to the company guidelines, ask yourself  – why? What does he or she not understand? or fear when applying these guidelines? You will be surprised by the conclusions you draw. Instead of reacting angrily, you will find yourself offering him or her help.

If you sometimes feel misunderstood in your job or you seem to be banging your head against a brick wall and all your good ideas fall on deaf ears – why not let TIP TOP English “massage” your shoulders ;-)

You will see that, even in English or French, no magic trick is needed to change things, to point yourself in a different direction and to follow a new route.

TIP TOP English works throughout Germany. Our practice-related training will put you and your company, personally and professionally, on a new level. So, give it a try!



internal - intern, innerlich

common - üblich, gemeinsam

aim - zielen

strengthen - stärken, verstärken

intended - beabsichtigt, bestimmt

core - Kern

easy to apply - leicht anzuwenden

encounter - begegnen, auf etw. stoßen

steer - steuern, lenken

thinking pattern - Denkmuster

be forced - gezwungen sein/werden

rash - voreilig, vorschnell

agitated - aufgeregt, unruhig

thought process - Gedankengang

company guidelines - Firmenrichtlinien

fear - fürchten

draw conclusions - Schlussfolgerung ziehen

to bang your head against a brick wall - den Kopf gegen die Wand schlagen

to fall on deaf ears - auf taube Ohren stoßen


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