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intonation - Intonation, Betonung, Tonfall

confidence - Vertrauen, Selbstvertrauen

considerable improvement - erhebliche Verbesserung

vocabulary retention - Behalten von Vokabeln

pronounce - aussprechen

trick the brain - das Gehirn austricksen

certain - bestimmt, sicher


 Have you ever thought about how sparkling wine is made?


The arrival of spring marks the start of the outdoor season. A time for relaxing with friends and family, for garden parties, weddings, picnics, barbecues and all sorts of other enjoyable events. And what better way to celebrate than with a cool glass of sparkling wine or secco? One of TIP TOP’s newest clients, the Ohlig Sektkellerei in Rüdesheim-on-Rhine, is a long-established expert on the production of carbonated wines. Founded in 1919, the family-run business employs 25 people and has two sites; one for production and bottling and the other for labelling and dispatch.


Sparkling wine and also champagne are produced by “second fermentation”. This technique involves selecting a base wine and then adding a mixture of sugar and yeast so that a second fermentation occurs. The process takes place in a sealed container so that the carbon dioxide, which is naturally produced, remains in the wine: this is the source of its characteristic feature, bubbles! The fermentation can be undertaken either in the bottle, this is the traditional method, or in large tanks.


Ohlig purchases base wines from the local Rheingau region and also from Italy, France and Spain. The different grape varieties (eg. Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay) in the base wine give the finished sparkling wines and seccos their range of unique and diverse tastes. Ohlig produces white, rosé, red and non-alcoholic carbonated wines with varying sugar contents from brut (or extra dry) to semi-sweet.


The sparkling wines made by Ohlig in Rüdesheim are sold all over the world. The company offers a unique service where clients can order a custom-made bottle label, neck label and foil capsule design to suit their individual requirements. At the moment Ohlig is developing and exploring the market for sparkling wines in the USA and elsewhere. TIP TOP English are working together with staff to coach and prepare them for this work, putting a special emphasis on presenting and selling their products at international trade fairs. During a workshop in February, employees practised their English conversation and negotiation skills; learning the art of small-talk, welcoming the customer, networking with potential clients and closing the final deal.


If you would like to find out more about Ohlig, see their production site and taste their wonderful wines, why not visit “Ohlig Open Days” in Rüdesheim from the 7 to 8 May with a live band playing on the Saturday evening. TIP TOP will also be there, we look forward to seeing you!



sparkling wine: Sekt (with a minimum of 6 bar pressure, in a corked bottle)

secco, pearl wine or semi-sparkling wine: Perlwein (with a minimum of 2.5 bar pressure, sold in a screw cap bottle)

carbonated wines:kohlensäurehaltige Weine

dispatch: Versand

fermentation: Fermentation, Gärung

yeast: Hefe

Pinot Blanc: Weissburgunder

Pinot Gris: Grauburgunder

Pinot Noir: Spatburgunder

diverse: verschieden, vielfältig

bottle label - Flaschenetikett

capsule - Kapsel, Hülse

emphasis: Schwerpunkt

trade fairs - Messen

negotiation: Verhandlung


Do you know...


New: TIP TOP has an open ear for you!

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New: We care about you!

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Just tell each other and us; spread the word! It’s YOUR chance to inform and share! Here we can speak openly: http://tip-top-english.de/tip-top-community/



at the bottom - in der Fußzeile

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