This is our special bumper summer edition. As a lot of you are away over the next few weeks, we’ll be having a little break, too. The TIP TOP team would like to wish you a relaxing, enjoyable and sunny summer and we’ll be back in touch with our next newsletter in September. 


You might have heard about...

the TIP TOP team taking part in the Bingen company run, "2. Binger Firmenlauf" ...

We had great fun and finished the course in a good time and in a good mood. It was a very invigorating way to spend an evening and a really positive step towards getting fit for the summer. To see our runners in action please check out our video clip at:

Did you know that a German adult only moves 470 metres on average per day? However, we should be doing 5,000 to 6,000 steps every day to keep ourselves healthy. But it’s not easy to overcome lack of willpower or just plain tiredness after a long day at work. And of course, it’s tempting to relax in the garden with a cold beer or to switch on the TV to catch your favourite programme.

However, it has been scientifically proven that fast walking or running has a whole range of beneficial effects on our physical and mental health. The cardiovascular system is strengthened; blood pressure is reduced; the immune system is reinforced, meaning greater resistance to colds and other illnesses; muscles are toned; cartilage fortified and joints, tendons and ligaments become more supple.

So the physical results are astonishing! But the psychological advantages are also not to be underestimated. After just 20 minutes exercise in the fresh air you will feel more relaxed, your head will be free of the stresses of modern life and you will feel mentally more stable and calm.

And it really has been shown that people who take regular exercise and lead a moderate lifestyle live longer. So you don’t have to be a marathon runner or a decathlete to feel good, just be committed and persistent and you will feel the changes.

And don’t forget to do some stretching exercises to prevent stiff and aching muscles the next day!

So now TIP TOP wishes you a fast run into a fantastic summer. Ready, steady, GO!!! 



Invigorating – belebend, erfrischend

Overcome – überwinden

Overcome lack of willpower – inneren Schweinehund überwinden

Plain tiredness – schiere Müdigkeit

Be tempting – verlockend sein

Cardiovascular system – Herz-Kreislaufsystem

Strengthen – stärken

Blood pressure – Blutdruck

Reinforce immune system – Immunsystem stärken

Muscles are toned – Muskeln sind trainiert

Cartliage – Knorpel

Joint – Gelenk

Tendons and ligaments – Sehnen und Bänder

Supple – geschmeidig, biegsam

Decathlete - Zehnkämpfer

Do streching exercises – Dehnübungen machen

Stiff - steif

Aching muscles – Muskelkater

Ready, steady, go - auf die Plätze, fertig, los


Are you still wondering...

where to spend your summer holidays?

Have you ever been to southern England to the wonderful Isle of Wight? Did you know its beaches are recognised as some of the best in Europe?

You will find miles of varied coastline with unique wildlife and picturesque towns with plenty of seafront cafes and cosy tearooms to sit and enjoy a traditional clotted cream tea.

With “English Language Holidays” you can indulge in a very special type of break, experiencing a great range of sporting, adventure and artistic activities whilst learning English in beautiful surroundings.

TIP TOP English can highly recommend this time out – living on an island immersed in history, culture and tradition with expert English trainers to accompany you every day ..... there couldn’t be a more pleasurable and interesting way to learn a language!

And there are so many amazing things to see and do around the island. Did you know that the Isle of Wight has the biggest and oldest international yachting regatta in the world? “Cowes Week”, at the beginning of August, attracts up to 1,000 boats and over 8,000 competitors ranging from Olympic and world class professionals to weekend sailors.

The Isle of Wight was also once notorious for its pirates. The island has a murky past of smuggling and contrabandism and today you can explore the caves, steep cliffs and bays where the pirates once hid their loot. Many of the pubs and inns reflect this colourful history and were famous meeting place for pirate bands.

Another great location to visit is Queen Victoria’s "holiday house". Of course, it’s more of a palace than a house. A beautiful building with Italian style architecture and extensive ornate gardens, it was once the summer residence of Victoria and her beloved Albert. This is where Victoria died in January 1901, after her death the building was given to the nation.

And the Isle of Wight has its very own "Garlic Festival" which is held in the rolling green hills in the middle of the island. For two days in August, guests are treated to a very garlicky menu including garlic beer and even garlic ice cream! There are also arts and crafts stalls and a great line up of live music.

So, to find out more about the Isle of Wight and about English language holidays, go to:

or contact TIP TOP directly.



Picturesque - malerisch

Clotted cream - Schlagsahne

Indulge - verwöhnen

Beautiful surroundings - zauberhafte Kulisse

To immerse - tauchen, eintauchen

Notorious - berüchtigt

Murky - trüb, düster

Contrabandism - Schmuggel

Cave - Höhle

Bays - Buchten

Hid - hide (hid - hidden) - verschecken

Loot - Beute

Inns - Gasthöfe

Ornate - kunstvoll

Garlic - Knoblauch

Crafts stalls - Verkaufsstände


Watch out for the "rubberneckers"!

You don’t know who they are? Then we will tell you.

You might be leaving for your holidays soon. Your car boot is fully packed and you have even added a roof rack to accommodate all those "bits and bobs" that you just can’t do without into the roof box. After nerve-racking packing, last minute jobs and heated family discussions you are finally ready to set out on your long awaited trip.

The first few kilometres of your journey go smoothly and are trouble-free.

But don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. The traffic suddenly slows down to a crawl. You inch along waiting to see the accident which must have caused the jam. However, there doesn’t seem to be one. Such slow downs are called "traffic waves", "stop waves" or "traffic shocks" and they are common during heavy traffic conditions. The wave usually travels backwards in relation to the motion of the cars themselves, or "upstream". Waves are often caused by vehicles braking perhaps due to a near-miss by people cutting each other off, by merging lanes at a construction site or simply by cars getting off and on the motorway.

Or they can be the direct result of "rubberneckers". By momentarily reducing their speed to look at something interesting; a single rubbernecker can cause a major traffic jam! But a "traffic shock" can also appear for no apparent reason. They are like ocean waves caused by a steady breeze. They just emerge spontaneously and disappear in the same way as they came.

So hopefully you won’t be trapped in a traffic jam or any sort of congestion as you travel to your holiday destination. And if you are, then why not play a round of English “eye spy with my little eye”  with your family or friends whilst you wait. Just choose something which you can see, think of its name in English and the first letter of the word and then say, for example: "I spy with my little eye something that begins with 'm'"   Answer: motorway!

TIP TOP wishes you Happy Holidays and trouble-free travelling.



Rubberneckers – Schaulustige, Gaffer

Roof rack – Dachgepäckträger

To accommodate - unterbringen

Bits and bobs – Krimskrams

Roof box - Dachkoffer

Nerve-racking – nervenaufreibend

Set out on your trip – der Trip kann losgehen

Go smoothly – verlaufen reibungslos

Trouble-free – ohne Ärger

Be lulled into a false sense of security – sich in Sicherheit wiegen

Crawl – kriechen

A near-miss – zu dicht auffahren

Cut each other off – jemanden schneiden

Get off and on the motorway – von der Autobahn ab-auffahren

Merge lanes – in eine Fahrbahn verengen

Breeze - Brise

Disappear - verschwinden

Trap in a jam/congestion – in einen Stau geraten

I spy with my little eye something that...  - ich sehe was was du nicht siehst