Can you believe...

that when you don’t move, your brain is actually not really needed? That sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? But it’s true! Brain researchers say that abstract thinking results from movement. The body is in resonance with the brain and therefore it is best to feed the brain through movement. It is has been proved that when you coordinate your eyes, hands and feet with each other your concentration rises dramatically. So movement prepares you perfectly for exams at school, for important meetings, telephone calls, presentations and negotiations at work. Whenever concentration is required you should try to do the following exercise, three times a day if possible. Your eyes will get trained with the so called “exchange of glances” and by changing their speed and direction.

 So give it a try. Stand up. Fix your chin with your left hand. Use the pointer of your right hand to make movements in front of your eyes. You eyes – not your head – should now follow the movements of your pointer. The pointer can move from right to left then back to the right, up and down and vice versa, it can also move diagonally, in circles or zig zag. Only make movements where your eyes can still follow your pointer without turning your head. Do it for one minute. To make it even harder you can lift your legs alternatively. You will realize that your physical fitness and your brain fitness will definitely benefit. The positive outcome of your next difficult talk or challenging presentation will prove it.


be ridiculous – ist doch ein Witz!

brain researchers – Hirnforscher

result from – resultieren aus

therefore – deshalb

movement – Bewegung

rise dramatically – enorm steigen

prepare for sth – auf etwas vorbereiten

negotiation – Verhandlung

exchange of glances – Blickwechsel

fix your chin – das Kinn fixieren (mit der Hand festhalten)

pointer – Zeigefinger

vice versa – und umgekehrt

zig zag – Zick Zack

even - sogar

alternatively – im Wechsel

outcome – Ergebnis

prove – beweisen


Are you going on ...

holiday soon?

Who doesn’t dream of sun, sandy beaches and palm trees? Have you already planned your holiday destination and booked your flight? Maybe Florida, the Bahamas, Malta or Sydney? Perhaps you can already hear the calming sound of the waves, see the memorable romantic sunsets, the panoramic view of the remote mountains and feel the hot sun and light breeze tickling your skin. Imagine, after hours of sunbathing on the beach you feel like having a cool drink or a mouthwatering icecream. You have already discovered an icecream stand with a huge variety of flavours. They have lemon, vanilla, rasberry, blackcurrant, cherry, pistachio, almond, strawberry, blueberry and many others. Having reached the icecream stand you decide you would rather have a sundae with four different flavours and chocolate flakes on top. You confidently order four scoops of your favourites. You would have preferred a crispy cone but with four scoops it would easily melt away to nothing in the hot sun. Fortunately, you have learnt lots of useful holiday phrases and helpful words with TIP TOP so any embarrassing moments at the icecream stand can be avoided. You don’t have to use your hands and feet to make yourself understood and you even manage some small-talk with the vendor.

destination – Reiseziel

memorable sunset – unvergesslicher Sonnenuntergang

remote – entfernt

sunbathing – sonnenbaden

mouthwatering – lecker,

discover – entdecken

huge variety – große Auswahl

flavour – Geschmacksrichtung

rasberry – Himbeere

balckcurrent – schwarze Johannisbeere

cherry – Kirsche

pistachio – Pistazie

almond – Mandel

strawberry – Erdbeere

sundae – Eisbecher

flakes – Streusel

a scoop of icecream – eine Kugel Eis

crispy cone – knusprige Eiswaffel

melt – schmelzen

embarrassing – peinlich

vendor – Verkäufer


Are you well prepared for ... 

your next journey abroad

You might not have decided yet where you are going this year. Perhaps you are dreaming of a holiday abroad, however, it should be relaxing, fun and stress-free. Maybe you feel that not knowing the language is a handicap which prevents you from booking a holiday in a foreign country. It could be too embarrassing at the airport if you don’t understand the announcement over the loud speaker, too complicated to ask the bus driver for the right way, too difficult to check-in at the hotel or to order a meal in the restaurant. With so many perceived obstacles or difficulties you might decide to spend your holidays in Germany.

But don’t stay at home! We can help you to prepare for a wonderful holiday overseas in an English speaking country! Why not meet up with other pleasant people who have the same desire to speak English on their holidays? Why not spend an inspirational and fun day at a TIP TOP English workshop learning helpful phrases and useful tips in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere? We will work with you to overcome the uneasy anticipation of a vacation in an English speaking country, to break shyness and language barriers and to make sure that your holiday experience is positive, relaxing and memorable!

We are offering three Saturday workshops on 13 June, 27 June and 18 July from 9:00-5:00pm. One workshop is €85 incl. tax with a discount of €10 for bookings made by 5 June. Drinks and snacks are included in the price. Go to our website and sign up for your “TIP TOP holiday workshop” today.

Don’t lose time! We look forward to welcoming you at TIP TOP for an entertaining and interactive workshop!

abroad – im Ausland

prevent from – verhindern

foreign country – fremdes Land

order – bestellen

perceived – gefühlt, angenommen

obstacles – Hürden, Hindernisse

comfortable – gemütlich

spend – verbringen

the desire to – den Wunsch zu

overcome – überwinden

uneasy anticipation – besorgte Vorhersehung

shyness – Scheu

discount of – Nachlass von

sign up – registrieren, buchen