Who would you like to be? – Your New Year’s resolution

For some of us it might be a horror to think about, or even worse, be asked about OUR RESOLUTION for this year!
Well, we might choose to ignore it, but whether we like it or not, the new year has started! The point is, when we try to accomplish something we’ve never done before – and this often happens with resolutions – we find it difficult to know if what we are doing is correct or on the right track.

So let’s try to reorient your compass

Stop thinking about what you need to do. Focus instead on who you would like to be! For example, you would like to be a better mum or wife. How would you communicate with your children? What would you say if something went wrong? What would be your attitude when you walked through the door each evening after work? What is the first thing you would do on entering the house? How would you address or touch or look at your beloved ones if you were the world’s greatest mum or wife?

Or perhaps your resolution is to improve your business and increase your sales. If you were top in your industry – the number one sales person, what attributes would you have and how would you exemplify them? If you were already the best, how would you talk, shake hands, prepare for a presentation or negotiation? When you arrived at the office, how focused, how disciplined would you be? If you were number one, how would you present yourself? How would you sound on the phone, how would you interact with your colleagues at a conference?

It is much easier to achieve your goal when you look at it through the lens of who you would like to be. Act like the person you are trying to become!

So ask yourself: “Who do you need to be, to do what you have to do, to accomplish what you want? Write to us and let us know! We are looking forward to reading your comments!