Where does the word Chopper come from?

You might have come across this word in the kitchen or when doing the gardening. You can chop vegetables such as onions or carrots or chop wood for your fireplace. But have you ever thought about the Chopper motorbike? Yes – the Chopper earned its name during the 60’s and 70’s because revolutionary motorbikers in the USA were looking for something new and different.

chopper1 chopper2harley engines

By removing excess equipment , parts and accessories they created a bike that was cool, stylish and uncluttered with absolutely no frills ! I was told that they even drilled holes through the fenders and wheel rims , just to make the bike lighter and sleeker . Handlebars were raised high, the front tire became thinner and gas tanks and chunky indicators were reduced to a minimum. So, did you get it? The word “chop” can be used for anything which you chop off or into pieces to make it smaller or lighter – or in the Chopper’s case, to get rid of superfluous metal and materials.