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When you think of Cuba you might recall that it has been totally isolated from the rest of the world since 1961.

Vinatage carYes, for politcal reasons the USA has imposed an embargo on Cuba for over fifty years. Nevertheless, the Cubans have negotiated their way through a jungle of seemingly insurmountable hurdles and people have developed their own survival strategies . During this time the majority of Cubans have been prevented from importing foreign cars and parts. However, locals have managed to keep their vintage vehicles on the road by taking components from old Fords, Chryslers and Chevrolets and even creating their own custom parts . They have become fantastic mechanics and are masters of intentive car repair. So it’s not unusual to see a non-functional speedometer or a millimeter that gave up counting the miles years ago!

What the Cubans have for sure is sun throughout the year and ocean all around the island, the Caribbean on one side and the North Atlantic on the other. Colourful deck chairs collected from all epochs decorate their porches and verandas making you feel at home. When the sun is high you can stroll along the promenade in Havanna for miles. The water splashing over the sea wall can provide an unexpected but very welcome refreshment. Small puddles of salt water remain glistening on the stones until the sun evaporates them again.

DeckchairsHavanna promenade