Welcome Christmas Season

How quickly the year has passed! I’ve tried to ignore the somewhat premature but beautiful displays in the department store windows that started what seems like months ago. I try and avoid decorating, planning or shopping too soon, but this year it seems the Christmas season has crept up on me!

Last Thursday my family of three (and one in the oven) celebrated Thanksgiving with friends; the U.S. holiday is always the last Thursday of November and celebrated with the consumption of lots of delicious foods, most importantly Turkey. Traditionally in my family, we decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving and take down the decoration the weekend after New Years.

FotoNow that the weekend has passed, and we’ve also celebrated the first advent, I’m realizing just how deep we already are in the Christmas season! This year is the first year my almost two year old daughter will (somewhat) understand the purpose of glorious gift-giving and receiving. She will be able to take in the beautiful lights and smells, munch down on fresh baked cookies and help me in decorating our tree.

The 6th of December will be her first Nikolaus a tradition I recall loving when I was a child and I am delighted to see what she thinks of her chocolate stuffed boots this year. Our family will have a cross-cultural twist, combining American and German tradition. We have a lot of extended family and this is the time we get to see those relatives we don’t usually see that often.

Our TIP TOP team is also taking a tour of the Ingelheim Christmas market, and though I will have to pass on the Glühwein this time around, I love the cozy atmosphere, the yummy smells and the over-all atmosphere.

What are some of your favorite things about the Christmas season?
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