UK …. zero points ?!

Bianca Nicholas and Alex Larke’s duo, “Electro Velvet”, will be representing the United Kingdom in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna … whether you like them or not!

Their song “Still In Love With You” has caused controversy in the UK press with some critics claiming it sounds extremely similar to a tune used by “Birdseye” to advertise their potato waffles in the 1980s. (click on the link below to hear the similarities between the two tunes)

The song, which adopts a swinging 1920’s style, has devided opinion amongst the British public. Some find it a catchy, quirky tune with fun lyrics, whilst others damn it as cheesy and boring with no chance of winning. And “Birdseye” are thinking of sueing the songwriters for breach of copyright!

But, despite the good and bad publicity, “Still In Love With You” has made it to the final. So why don’t you watch on Saturday evening and form your own opinion?

Potato waffle remix: