Trainer’s Workshop

Four times a year we TIP TOP trainers have a workshop where we share experiences and exchange ideas. Our last workshop for the year was this past Saturday and was just as fun and informative as the ones before.

It was great catching up with all the trainers. We started our morning with coffee and tea and moved into some physical warm up games to get our minds active. If you’ve attended one of our courses you may be familiar with these exercises. We then discussed some upcoming plans and new prospective companies we’ll be providing language courses in the coming year. We are all always very excited about new challenges.

We exchanged quite a bit of teaching ideas; what has worked in the past and new things that may keep our pupils more engaged. Then we discussed upcoming teaching seminars we hope to be able to attend.

Since we all work independently and in different locations, we don’t all see each other very often. It was great catching up, everyone has a positive spirit about them and we shared a few laughs. We also made plans to visit a Christmas market together.