TIP TOP trainer: Rachel

Rachel was fortunate to grow up with a schoolmaster as a father, so summer meant a long break and every year a different adventure. She always associated the beginning of the school holidays with the car packed with a tent and all the necessary camping equipment, ready for a long journey. The family rarely returned home before it was time for school to start again. During Rachel’s childhood, her father studied at the Open University for a second degree in Art History. She therefore spent the Easter and summer weeks touring through southern and eastern Europe admiring churches, museums and art galleries and their many treasures. Later the family took up sailing, exploring the waters of northern Europe in sailing boats which they designed and built themselves.

Rachel read European Studies at Hull University which was one of two universities in England to run a course which was a precursor of the Erasmus programme. The languages she chose to study were Italian, German and Dutch and she spent several enjoyable semesters at the Universities of Würzburg and Bologna. As a student Rachel continued to travel through Europe and beyond, often taking the train and when money was short, even hitch-hiking. Once in Morocco, Rachel and her friends were taken through the desert by two men going to collect the bride for their brother. At this point, the bride-to-be had never met her future husband or his family. For Rachel, this was an unimaginable thought and something which she still vividly remembers today.

After graduating, Rachel moved to Germany and began translating and teaching English, starting in Frankfurt. Her first very own vehicle was a camper van. When the children were young, the family often spent the winter months travelling through Europe sometimes ending in Andalusia on the beautiful Atlantic coast, one of their favourite places. Rachel says, “It was the perfect way to travel!”

Rachel is an enthusiastic and experienced English trainer who has travelled and worked both in Europe and overseas. Her teaching skills and intercultural knowledge are valuable assets for TIP TOP. This expertise, combined with her open and friendly personality, makes her an important part of the team.