TIP TOP trainer: Introducing Tanja . . .

Tanja is very communicative – she loves to be among people and finds inspiration in the exchange of views and experience. This fondness for connecting with others might find its roots in being born a twin. Her close relationship to her sister remains a stimulating and affirming power and has always been a model for the give-and-take between her and others.

Tanja discovered her love of languages very early which resulted in her taking French as a major subject for her German Abitur and eventually in studying Anglistik, Education and Psychology. In the context of her studies, she spent half a year in Montreal, Canada where she got to know the habits and customs of a different culture. This both inspired and motivated her to immerse herself even deeper in her language studies.

With a university degree in her pocket, she moved to California with her husband and for the first time taught the English language. That’s when she realised this was what she wanted to do: helping others to learn the language she had grown so fond of.

Tanja relishes her work with TIP TOP, allowing her to live out her natural inclination for creative communication combined with the linguistic and educational elements of language teaching. Her bubbly enthusiasm, endless energy and abundance of good ideas come together to create lessons which are interesting, enjoyable and valuable for her students.