TIP TOP Success!


Gernot Blume, Beatrice Müser and Menna Mulugeta (from left to right)

It starts out as an idea and a large amount of commitment. English is known as the Universal Language, because it makes connections between people in an extraordinary way that would not otherwise be possible. Many businesses, schools and common situations require some knowledge of the English language. It was this principle that sparked the idea to supply people with a way to access necessary and useful training of commonly used English dialogue, specifically based on the needs of clients; along with this a commitment to the client to teach in an innovative engaging manner. That was the foundation that put together the company we now known as TIP TOP Englisch Sprachtraining ten years ago; and to celebrate this longevity and success with those who made it possible, TIP TOP held a splendid anniversary party this past week.

The party had a classy ambiance and was opened with musical performances from guest singer Menna Mulugeta and harpist Gernot Blume. An audience of 90 guests was greeted and accommodated by a service team with h’orderves and refreshments. A really cute touch that was quite representative of TIP TOP’s non-conventional way of thinking were the name tags passed along to the guests. They were shaped as smiley faces and doubled as bubble-blowing mechanisms. Dr. Sebastian Moll paid homage to the founder of TIP TOP and hostess, Beatrice Müser, before the party moved on to interactive conversation, games and good food.

One of these games required guests to come up with the longest English words possible using balloons with different letters on them. In the German language it is pretty easy to combine words and come up with a single word (a colleague suggested „Rindfleisch-etikettierungs-überwachungs-aufgaben-übertragungs-gesetz“), but these linguistic rules don’t quite apply in English. It was very fun and engaging!

All in all the party was a major success, and in this spirit TIP TOP hopes to accommodate those seeking advancement in the English language for another decade to come!