The Globetrotter

This week we are happy to introduce our TIP TOP globetrotter, Nicole.

Nicole has always had a touch of wanderlust, an urge to see the world, a desire to meet new people and to discover new places.

It all started in Hackenheim a small village close to Bad Kreuznach where Nicole was born. As the youngest family member she enjoyed many advantages and had a very happy childhood.

After her studies in Chemical Engineering, Nicole moved to England where she worked on her PhD in Chemistry. She was fortunate to be at an international research institute where she met people from all over the world and learnt about their cultures and traditions. Her time at the institute had a great impact on her and she looks back on this period with fond memories.

In 2000, Nicole received her PhD and continued to work for a further two years as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of the West of England in Bristol. As she has always been interested in travel and was keen to explore other countries, Nicole did not hesitate for long when she was offered a research position at the University of Kalmar in Sweden. She packed her bags and moved north. She lived and worked in the historic city on the Baltic Sea for three and a half years.

Finally, after being abroad for a decade, Nicole decided to go back to her roots and return to Bad Kreuznach. This decision also brought a career change. She began freelancing for the chemical publishing industry, making use of her chemistry background and extensive English knowledge. And it was her love of the English language that brought her to TIP TOP. Nicole’s intercultural experience, academic knowledge and bubbly personality make her a valuable member of the TIP TOP team.

Nicole is married and has a son. She is now happily settled in her hometown but still loves to travel with her family in their camper van. Just recently, they spent five weeks far away in the southern hemisphere in beautiful New Zealand.