Shop ’til you drop!

Shop1The time has come for the old Hertie department store in Bingen to be pulled down and redeveloped. The building, which dates from the seventies, has been empty for several years and was certainly no longer attractive to the modern shopper.

Over the past few months the demolition process has been in full swing ! At the moment it looks like a bomb has hit ! The destruction evokes mixed feelings ; some saw the building as an ugly eyesore and are glad to be rid of it, whereas others have fond memories of shopping in the once stylish convenience store.

Wielding their huge shovels and claw-like arms, the excavators tear down the ceilings, floors, bricks, plaster, windows and façade of the shop with ruthless determination. Clouds of nebulous dust fill the air and the noise is overwhelming . Yellow dumper trucks work hard to keep pace with the accumulating rubble and debris and a small crowd of passers-by peer through the chain-link fence to watch the action.


It’s hard to imagine that in less than twelve months, in October 2015, a new, Shop2state-of-the art shopping complex will open on thissite in the Bingen pedestrian zone. The futuristic glass façade, designed to resemble a wave, will allow light to flood into the spacious mall. With 8,200 square metres of retail area, shoppers can enjoy browsing through a wide variety of shops offering food, gifts, sports equipment, clothes, books, toiletries and more. And under the building there will be a carpark for 225 vehicles.

So, you just have to put up with the construction noise for a little bit longer and then you can “shop til you drop” !


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