School’s out !!

Everyone remembers that feeling, the end of school ….. holidays, free time, sunshine, long dreamy days and warm summer evenings without a care in the world.

And that’s how it was for our TIP TOP classes when our courses finished at the end of July. After 15 weeks of hard work, concentration, commitment and perseverance all our students passed their tests and received their certificates with a feeling of real achievement and satisfaction. A job well done!

As a summer gift and fun give-away, all our students received a pair of TIP TOP orange sunglasses which fold to a handy pocket-size, perfect to take with you on a bike ride or to the beach or pool. So, if you’re heading off on holiday or just enjoying an afternoon of relaxation in the garden, don’t forget your TIP TOP shades and of course an English novel, magazine or newspaper to keep you English alive over the summer break. Have fun and take care whatever you do!


Our happy ZDF students

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