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You want to learn German for your job, school or university!

In this German course we offer you all levels from A1 to B2. You want to learn German from scratch or to brush up your German language. You want to understand your conversation partner better, to communicate on your journeys, to socialize with people and be able to put your arguments across.

With our e-learning programme you learn exactly what you need in every day situations. You will learn to understand your business partner,  you will learn to apply the correct order of a sentence, to use the correct grammar and besides all you overcome your language barriers. Your hearing and talking abilities improve significantly and you learn how to formulate sentences and to speak confidently.

What you need? An internet connection, a professional headset (sent by us), our Speedlearning-programme and the willingness to make progress!

You can flexibly and easily learn wherever you have internet access.
You learn the foreign language individually at your own pace and without any fixed course hours.
And with weekly support and corrections made by a real TIP TOP trainer.

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So funktionierts

Bei dieser Englischmethode wollen wir uns die Eigenschaften der linken und der rechten Gehirnhälfte zeitgleich zunutze machen. Beide wollen wir aktivieren, um den größtmöglichen Nutzen daraus zu ziehen, damit wir nachhaltig die Information abrufen können, die wir mit beiden Gehirnhälften erworben haben.

Damit uns das wieder gelingt beide Gehirnhälften zeitgleich arbeiten zu lassen, müssen wir die eher „eingerostete“ rechte Gehirnhälfte wieder beleben. Dazu beglücken wir Sie in den ersten 8 Wochen mit einer Vielfalt von englischen und deutschen Texten, die Sie beim täglichen Lesen kreativ in lebendige Geschichten verwandeln. Stellen Sie sich die beschriebenen Informationen detailliert, farbenfroh und facettenreich vor. So trainieren Sie Ihre rechte Gehirnhälfte.

Sobald Sie diese Phase abgeschlossen haben, bekommen Sie von uns 1x wöchentlich eine englische Audio-Datei und einen identischen deutschen Text dazu.

Das Außergewöhnliche an dieser Übersetzung ist hierbei, dass der Text genau der Grammatik und dem Satzbau im Englischen entspricht.

Sie hören eine Woche lang täglich die englische MP3-Datei und lesen zeitgleich den deutschen Text in der Satzstruktur und Grammatik wie im Englischen.

Ihr Gedächtnis unterscheidet jetzt nicht mehr zwischen den Sprachen. Das Resultat ist verblüffend! Sie werden nicht mehr Gefahr laufen, aus dem Deutschen ins Englische zu übersetzen. Sie gewöhnen sich an die englische Struktur und Grammatik.


1. German beginners A1

• To pronounce letters and numbers
• To introduce myself: give contact information, nationality, age, birthday, etc.
• Understand the information giving in class
• To get acquainted
• Invitation: accept or refuse an invitation, invite somebody
• To make an appointment to meet someone
• Describe a person
• Talk about taste
• Visit a restaurant
• To aks for an item, a price
• To talk about the weather
• Talk about activities
• To state where it hurts, understand a treatment
• To introduce someone in a professional situation

2. German beginners A2

• To describe a person’s personality
• To find a house accommodation
• To describe/give details about a place
• To follow a procedure in a government office
• To give an opinion
• Organise your time, your schedule
• Talk about a past event, a change
• To complete a project
• To organise a trip, reserve a hotel and transport
• To talk about obligations
• To talk about advantages, disadvantages
• To state where it hurts, describe symptoms
• Describe your work and educational experience
• To communicate via internet and other new technologies
• To order at a restaurant

3. German advanced B1-B2

• Describe a person’s personality
• Talk about a film, a book, a cultural event
• To give advice, make recommendations
• Talk about a past event, an anecdote
• To structure a speech, an oral discussion
• Talk about goals
• Form a hypothesis
• Talk about causes and consequences
• Present facts, talk about the news
• To complaint, talk about a malfunction
• To say that you agree and talk about your feelings
• To have a job interview and give your motivations
• Having a job interview
• To communicate using new technology

4. German Phonetics 1 + 2

This course deals with pronunciation. Here you listen to terms and expressions which you repeat. This improves your pronunciation skills and you make yourself better understood.

All exercises and results

45 oral productions
15 reference tests
74 exercises and quizzes
A lot of hours of training

Product description

Learn a foreign language in the right frequency

Our ear just notices waves which it is trained in. For example the frequency of the British language is between 2,000Hz and 12,000 Hz. In contrast to the British frequency the German frequency is between 124Hz and 2,000Hz.

So it is no surprise at all that you don’t understand everything!

For that reason we want to help you with our Speedlearning programme to understand and pronounce better. You hear the frequency of the foreign language and you will be able to talk later in the correct frequency nearly like a native speaker.

You will just repeat what you understand audibly.
To relax between the exercises you listen to music periodically. Lean back and enjoy it. Now you may rest and savour which has a positive impact on your results. But also here, you listen to music in the frequency of the language you learn which impacts the result positively. Please do never skip this musical pleasure!

All your oral productions and reference tests are corrected by a trainer of TIP TOP English.

After 12 – 15 hours you will have improved your listening, speaking, intonation and pronunciation skills by up to 85%.

If you work with our Speedlearning programme for 1 year on a weekly basis for 45 minutes you nearly manage to reach the level of a native speaker.

For further information contact us or call us at: +49 6721 68 09 085

Terms of delivery

Access to our system

You get your access as well as a short guide via email. Your professional headset and an exact description will be sent by mail. As soon as everything has been delivered you can log in and start with the training.

Requirement: Our Speedlearning programme works with the Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

The professional headset

is included in our package. You learn the foreign language at your pace and time that is best for you.

Weekly coaching

Your pronunciations are corrected by a trainer of TIP TOP English once a week.

After 12 – 15 hours you will have improved your listening, speaking, intonation and pronunciation skills by up to 85%.


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