Introducing Sabina ….

Continuing our TIP TOP project for 2016, where we highlight one of our trainers each fortnight, we are now proud to present Sabina.

Sabina is full of energy and a real live wire. She was raised in Bonn, the hometown of Ludwig van Beethoven and the city where the prominent author and poet Heinrich Heine studied.

Growing up among three brothers, she was influenced both by her artist mother and her entrepreneurial father. She spent her young days reading, writing stories, creating story boards and painting. She also renovated antique furniture that she picked up in the vibrant city flea markets of Amsterdam, Paris and London.

Her passion for art and her desire to follow a creative career led her to Parsons, the New School for Design, in New York City where she studied Costume and Fashion Design. After graduating, she worked in the fashion industry travelling to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan where she gained wide intercultural knowledge and experience.

Sabine married an American with an interesting family history, his grandfather was a close friend and scholar of Martin Luther King. The couple moved back to Germany where they opened a restaurant which grew into a highly successful business becoming one of the top ten restaurants in the country.

After selling the culinary business, Sabina moved back to the States where she once again used her creativity and energy to start something completely new – her own film production! “For the intricacies of filmmaking I certainly had to develop new skills and look at life from a another angle.” she says. “And I learnt a great deal!”

So this is just a brief insight into Sabina’s colourful life showing her great drive and energy and her passion for the creative, the visual, the unusual and the innovative.

Sabina enjoys working with people with a good sense of humour, who come from different cultures and wish to expand their communication skills. This is why she has specialised in language training bringing her comprehensive experience and expertise from design, entrepreneurship and entertainment to the TIP TOP team.

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  1. Bischoff Sue sagte:

    Wahrlich die Beste für diesen Job!!! Good success dearest Sabina!
    Wish you good luck and success in your new role. All the best to you, always. xS.

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