Improve Your English and Your Outlook

It’s that time of year when the cold wind makes going outdoors a little less inviting. So what to do with those free moments cuddled up under your blanket on the couch, with your warm cocoa or coffee? Some fall reading!

If you want to practice your English with some easy reading that is good for your soul, I would have to recommend to you a book a wonderful mentor of mine recommended to me years ago. I’ve read this book a few times since. It is Don Miguel Ruiz’s book The Four Agreements. The book is available in German as well, but if you want to improve your English don’t feel intimidated . It is only about 140 pages cover to cover, the vocabulary is put in an easy to understand way, and depending on your English level you could get through the book in a weekend up to a week.

The message of the book is also a positive one and applicable to everyone regardless of religious beliefs or lifestyle choices. Ruiz’s book challenges you to make four (seemingly) simple changes that will drastically and effectively change your way of thinking and how you perceive the things around you.


Be Impeccable With Your Word:
There is an American expression mothers tell children; “If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” This agreement is not so basic but it does ask that you think about what you say before you do so. Do you complain too much? Are you just being nasty or negative? Is what you have to say helpful? Words are powerful and once they are said there is no taking them back.
Don’t Take Anything Personally:
This is something many of us have a problem with. We take too much personally and too much to heart. We can be easily offended when someone else behaves in a certain way or speaks to us in a certain way that we feel is not right. We shouldn’t. We also shouldn’t take personally short-comings or losses and feel as though they reflect upon our worth. Don’t take it personally.

Don’t Make Assumptions:
Don’t think to know what you don’t know for sure. This is a way we drive ourselves crazy, and before we know for a fact that something is or isn’t, we shouldn’t proceed as though we know something we don’t. Sounds simple, but you really have to adjust your way of thinking to accomplish this.
Always Do Your Best:
Sometimes when we are in a routine of doing the same thing for a long period of time, or we have a lot of obligations that we have to keep up with, we don’t give our tasks our full effort. Sometimes we start to give just enough to keep us out of hot water. This agreement is a re-boot. Give everything you are committed to your 100%.

Sounds easy enough? Ruiz puts it quite more eloquently I assure you. Head to your local bookstore to have his book ordered or order online for an enjoyable read!