Helping Madagascar

On the East African coast lays the exotic island known as the Republic of Madagascar. It is home to about 22 million people, 90% of which live on less than two dollars a day.

To help aid in humanitarian efforts in Madagascar, TIP TOP held a fundraiser during their anniversary party recently. With the help of our guests, partners and associates , we were able to raise 550 Euro which TIP TOP intends to contribute to Mobile Hilfe Madagaskar. This is an organization of doctors and midwives “on wheels”, who help pregnant women, deliver their babies “at home” or rather in the rainforest or remote places, who are not able to go to a hospital. They also work together with dentists and support children so that they can go to school, as well as provide them with food.

Beatrice, language trainer and founder of TIP TOP as well as Lis, trainer, have ties to Madagascar; so the success of the fund-raiser is especially meaningful to them. Beatrice lived on the island as a little girl, while her parents worked to help aid in local development.

“My parents used to work in developmental aid with the Hilfswerk Misereor… Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe (Help to Self-help) in Africa, Asia and Latin-America,” Beatrice shared, “They educated young people who wanted to learn a profession that dealt with etal or wood, so to speak, to learn craftsmanship to facilitate their lives. Most of the young men later found work in the capital, Antananarivo and were able to support their families. These men had never had a tool like a hammer or pliers in their hands before.”

madagascarIn the picture is Beatrice as a little girl, proud to have discovered her mother’s tin of Nivea skin cream. Skin cream, Beatrice said, was a luxury in Madagascar. Her father scraped the cream up and back in the tin as best as he could.

Lis who also did her share of humanitarian work while there, worked in Madagascar as an environmental educator.

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