Fall is Here!

I mentioned two weeks ago I’m visiting the United States right now, and being that I’m in one of the hottest states in America (Louisiana which shares a boarder with Texas), I’m kind of missing out on one of my favorite seasonal changes. For me this past summer in Germany was unbearable . People ask me how is it possible that you can’t stand the heat here when it is at least as hot for a longer time frame where you are from. That’s simple; air conditioning. Germany is one of very few countries I’ve visited and lived in that doesn’t live by air conditioning. Japan, South Korea, Kuwait and every state in the US that have sunshine has air conditioning.
Being here at home in the summer, the house is always ten degrees cooler than it is outside. You move from your house to your air conditioned car, and guaranteed if where you are going has a roof it is air conditioned too; the stores, the restaurants, the gas stations, even the church. You are never hot more than five minutes or so, and being outside isn’t so torturesome knowing you have your cool home to retreat into.
I quite recall being excited after winter this year (back In Germany) to see the first buds bloom when Spring started. I had a lot of things I had hoped to do in the summer remembering summers had been quite pleasant here in the past. But then when summer did come I was pretty miserable. I didn’t spend as much time outside as I had anticipated and it wasn’t much better than outside in our apartment. I’ll just say I’m glad it’s finally over.
I love fall not only because it’s cool off time; I love the changing colors of the leaves , and the sound the wind makes when it blows between the drying up twigs. I love fall fashion; boots and light jackets, jeans along with cuddly wool. It feels like more faces start to reappear outside at the parks and walking trails that you haven’t seen for a while. Somehow fall also seems like a good time to read books and have social gatherings between family and friends for game nights or to watch movies.

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