Celebration time, come on!

Sometimes life can feel rather mundane. Between working, keeping up our households, taking care of children and all our other responsibilities there doesn’t always remain much time around our routine to be filled with anything but rest and sleep. Sometimes this can be quite frustrating and over-whelming. Financial success is countered by expenses and vacation time comes and goes in a flash.

In order to get us out of the potential rut, sometimes it’s important to find reasons to celebrate. The majority of us are taught the joys of celebrating from the time we are old enough to comprehend it. Success, longevity , commitment , new life and past life are all celebrated in some spectacular manner. Celebrating birthdays and holidays are an annual tradition among most, along with celebrating the coming year itself. Pregnancy and birth are celebrated. Promotions and new jobs are celebrated. Reaching milestones is celebrated. Marriage is celebrated, and in some cases so is divorce!

In the spirit of celebration TIP TOP is celebrating its tenth anniversary this coming Saturday the 6th of October. We want to celebrate our past success, and we hope to be able to continue to accommodate our clients with a fun and memorable learning experience! It has been a blast!