Breaking (Language) Barriers

So far we are all aware of the large magnitude of refugees that have entered and continue to enter Germany’s borders. Some of them have been faced with a welcoming reception and some unfortunately have faced scrutiny or even mistrust. TIP TOP empathizes with those in need and are proud to serve in humanitarian efforts. In the case of the refugees, we also want to help in whatever way we can.

TIP TOP is collaborating with the Volkshochschule Bingen to provide language assistance that will help the refugees with the immigration process. Some of TIP TOP’s trainers are already sitting in on the scheduled courses provided by the VHS to get an impression. This past Monday TIP TOP trainers attended a meeting with other teachers and volunteers (a group of about fifteen), held by VHS Bingen’s director Mr. René Nohr.

The majority of the refugees seeking help are from Syria, Eritrea, Iran and Iraq. Those attending courses are mostly young men, but TIP TOP intends to tutor children who also go to school. Some of the volunteers working in this collaborative project have made personal connections with refugee families and provide informal help, such as taking families on tours to the supermarket or visiting them at their temporary accommodations. Very few of the refugees speak German but some do speak English.

Though the project is at its early stages, and there is still quite a bit of planning and organizing that needs to be done TIP TOP has a clear vision of what we would like to accomplish; to break social barriers by breaking language barriers.