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Special Learning Nugget October 2019

Ich weiß etwas, was Sie nicht wissen! Heute starten wir einmal ganz anders – nämlich in Deutsch! Wir möchten allen die Chance geben auf den ersten Blick zu verstehen, worum es heute geht! Kennen Sie die richtige Antwort? Sie fragen sich worauf? Wissen Sie wofür die 6 Buchstaben von TIP TOP stehen? Wer die Antwort […]

Learning Nugget September 2019

Greenwashing and the Grüne Knopf Recently, the German Federal Development Minister Gerd Müller saw one of his initiatives become reality: the Grüner Knopf. This “Green Button” is a symbol that textile sellers can put on their products once they have been certified to meet standards set by Germany’s federal government. The standards relate to the physical, social, and economic welfare of the workers producing the textiles and […]

Tips for trips 4

  Over the last three weeks, we’ve given you different ideas for three trips that could help you get the most out of the last warm weekends of the year. Something else you might have noticed is that each of the trips could also help you learn something. The Traumschleife Rheingold has signs all along the way that teach hikers about the areas they are walking […]

Tips for trips 3

  Welcome back! We’re excited to continue our series of travel tips to help the end of your summer not feel like the end of fun. Last week we talked about the Pfalzgrafentstein, a castle in the middle of the Rhine near the town of Kaub. Today we’re talking about another attraction Kaub has to offer that makes […]

Tips for trips 2

Nope, this isn’t a mistake. This is your second Learning Nugget in just two weeks. As you may have read last week, we’re doing something special this August. We’re giving suggestions for fun day trips to help you enjoy the rest of the summer even if you’ve already taken your big vacation. Today, our Tip for Trips […]