Einträge von Latasha

Im Team

Die Herausforderungen im Berufsalltag sind so komplex geworden, dass top Produkte und top Dienstleistungen nur noch in einem Team möglich sind. Das wirklich Interessante dabei ist, dass der Einzelne oftmals vergisst, wie er zu seinem Status kam. Wir waren schon immer auf andere angewiesen und andere haben uns zu dem verholfen, der wir heute sind. Dankbarkeit hilft uns, unsere eigene Leistung und die Leistung anderer Wert zu schätzen. Dankbarkeit ist die Basis für ein respektvolles Miteinander. Übrigens in meiner Familie sieht es nicht anders aus.

TIP TOP Trainer: Latasha

Latasha was born in Nuremberg, Germany to a German mother and American father. Her father was a US army soldier stationed in the area at the time. From the time she was five years old, her family including two younger sisters traveled her entire childhood and teenage years between the United States and Germany depending upon where her dad was stationed. These locations included Colorado, North Carolina and many parts of Germany such as Vilseck, Wildflecken and Hanau. She finished American High School in Louisiana at 18 years of age and then joined the United States Air Force. She went to Basic Training at Lackland Air Force Base in San […]

Keeping Up and Moving Forward

Do you ever enjoy “people watching”? People watching is the English phrase for observing people from a bench downtown or a restaurant window for example and just imagining what they might be like or creating stories about who they are. Most of the time when we do it, we don’t do it with the actual intent of doing so (like bird watching) but we do it subconsciously. If we are with someone we may even joke about what we see or laugh at the stories we make up. Sometimes when we observe other people, we can assume that they were particularly happy in a certain era, because they haven’t changed […]

Trainer Highlight of the Month: Lis

What would TIP TOP be without their trainers? Each of our unique trainers makes TIP TOP a diverse and lively team. Each month we’ll be highlighting two trainers, and this month we’re proud to present to you, one of our veteran trainers; Lis. Lis was born in Bristol, England and grew up in Ironbridge, a “sandwich child”, with an older and a younger brother. She enjoyed a happy childhood full of action; building treehouses, games of cricket, campfires and scrambling in the woods. Her mother was a University lecturer and her father a museum director. At the age of 18, Lis left home to study Geography at the University of Durham. […]

The Countdown…

What are your plans for this New Year’s Eve? This is the first year ever I won’t be able to plan being that I’ll be 38 weeks pregnant New Year’s week. It doesn’t bother me; I’m excited about the new bundle of joy. However reflecting upon New Years passed, I think I’ve stayed up until midnight each year of my adult life so far and made my traditional New Year’s wish. I enjoy bringing in the New Year with people I love and enjoy, and am filled with a feeling of accomplishment to have “made it” through another twelve months. Different cultures and different people in different cultures have their […]

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

How are you decorating your Christmas tree? When I was a child I was always mesmerized by beautiful Christmas lights, and in particular the way my mom and other family members decorated their Christmas trees. It seemed the longer I looked I stared at the tree’s decorations, the more I discovered hanging from its full branches; beautiful glass bulbs, wooden angels, toy train ornaments, stars, crystal icicles, reindeer and at its peak the beautiful star. “It symbolizes the star of Bethlehem,” I was told. It was an honor as a child to have finally reached the age from which I could assist in decorating the tree, and today it is […]

Welcome Christmas Season

How quickly the year has passed! I’ve tried to ignore the somewhat premature but beautiful displays in the department store windows that started what seems like months ago. I try and avoid decorating, planning or shopping too soon, but this year it seems the Christmas season has crept up on me! Last Thursday my family of three (and one in the oven) celebrated Thanksgiving with friends; the U.S. holiday is always the last Thursday of November and celebrated with the consumption of lots of delicious foods, most importantly Turkey. Traditionally in my family, we decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving and take down the decoration the weekend after New Years. Now […]

Trainer’s Workshop

Four times a year we TIP TOP trainers have a workshop where we share experiences and exchange ideas. Our last workshop for the year was this past Saturday and was just as fun and informative as the ones before. It was great catching up with all the trainers. We started our morning with coffee and tea and moved into some physical warm up games to get our minds active. If you’ve attended one of our courses you may be familiar with these exercises. We then discussed some upcoming plans and new prospective companies we’ll be providing language courses in the coming year. We are all always very excited about new […]

Breaking (Language) Barriers

So far we are all aware of the large magnitude of refugees that have entered and continue to enter Germany’s borders. Some of them have been faced with a welcoming reception and some unfortunately have faced scrutiny or even mistrust. TIP TOP empathizes with those in need and are proud to serve in humanitarian efforts. In the case of the refugees, we also want to help in whatever way we can. TIP TOP is collaborating with the Volkshochschule Bingen to provide language assistance that will help the refugees with the immigration process. Some of TIP TOP’s trainers are already sitting in on the scheduled courses provided by the VHS to […]


In case you missed it (I’m not sure how you could have), last Saturday was Halloween! Historically also known as All Hallow’s Eve, there is quite a bit of controversy as to the origin of this holiday. It was long, long ago thought of as a Christian holiday, with pagan roots, dedicated to remembering the dead; specifically saints (also known as hallows), martyrs and all the faithful departed. Because some Halloween practices contradict some biblical teachings and beliefs, some people chose not to celebrate Halloween. However it can be argued that the purpose of the holiday has so much evolved that no one really reflects upon the origin of the […]