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Learning Nugget May 2019

A short look at tall tales  Sometimes work can be fun. At TIP TOP, it certainly has been as we’ve prepared for our first Day Out on May 19th. The theme is castles and fairy tales, and we’ve had a great time learning more and more about these topics to share with those who join us.  Our research has put fairy tales and folklore on our minds. Thoughon the Day Out we’ll be focusing on the Brothers Grimm and the German tales they collected and retold, this Learning Nugget is going to take a look at folk stories that are important to US culture: “tall tales.”  For those raised in the USA, answering questions like “What’s a tall […]

Learning Nugget April 2019

Spring has sprung! Two spring traditions you’ve likely never heard of In the Western world, this time of year brings traditions like spring cleaning and decorating Easter eggs to mind. However, it’s less likely that you’ve had a recent desire to chase a wheel of cheese down a very steep hill or attend a festival dedicated to a single wild plant that tastes like a mixture of garlic and onion. Today, we explore places where those last two experiences are much-anticipated spring events. We also give you some information on new traditions TIP TOP is starting this year and how you can join in on the fun. The Cooper’s Hill Cheese Roll: Brockworth, England Every last Monday […]

Learning Nugget March 2019

Knowin’ in the wind Last weekend you may have found yourself doing something unexpected, like snatching a lawn chair out of the air or making sure your chihuahua wasn’t blown up into the clouds. This was because as storm Eberhard blew its way across Germany, it brought winds that topped the 100 km/h mark in some places and wreaked havoc on highways, public transport, and personal property. Though it’s calmer than last weekend, it’s still plenty gusty out there. So when thinking about topics for this month’s Learning Nugget, taking some time to learn a little bit about wind seemed like the perfect choice. However, this isn’t going to be a boring science lesson. […]

Learning Nugget February 2019

Clogs were made for walking A trip to Amsterdam   Besides teaching people that they “do” their homework (and not “make” it), there’s little that the TIP TOP team loves more than seeing new places and learning new things. Case in point, one of our trainers just got back from an excursion to one of Europe’s top destinations: Amsterdam, Holland. So we thought that for this month’s Learning Nugget we’d give you some interesting and fun facts about that thriving and historic city. You’ll learn about its famous canals, a piece of little-discussedcultural history, and the marks Amsterdam and its surrounding areas have left on the largest English-speaking city in the world. The Canals The canals of Amsterdam are known throughout the world. Amsterdam’s Canal Ring (a series of connected canals over 14 […]

Learning Nugget January 2019

Tales of Three Manmade Barriers   As many of you know, the U.S. government has hit a wall. However, for those of you not in the loop, we’ll give you a little background. In late 2018, President Trump – a Republican – told the U.S. Congress he would not approve any spending bill unless it allocated over five billion dollars to construct a barrier along the United States’ southern border with Mexico. Congressional Democrats said they wouldn’t pass any bill that included such a wall. The deadline to pass the spending bill came and went, and on December 22, 2018, a partial government shutdown began. It’s still ongoing, and many government employees are without work and/or pay and many federal services – like staffing […]

Who’ll deliver the goods?

Dwindling numbers of German truck drivers a cause for concern   Take your car onto any German highway at almost any time of day, and you’re nearly certain to see a line of semitrucks in the right lane . Still, as hard as it may be to believe, Germany is facing a growing shortage of truck drivers . The International Road Transport Union (IRU) reports that “over the next 10-15 years around 40% of German truck drivers will retire , which, given current trends , will create a shortfall of 150,000 drivers.” While you may think this is mainly the problem of trucking and logistics companies, it actually affects everyone […]

Trick or treat, give us something good to read!

Clouds passing quickly over a full, yellow moon. Bare tree limbs waving in a bitter wind over an ancient graveyard. Children dressed like goblins, princesses, and Star Wars characters ringing doorbells and asking for candy before going home to be pleasantly frightened by their parents’ best ghost stories. These are just a few images that might come into a North American’s head at the mention of the word “Halloween.” As the tradition of Halloween—which always takes place on October 31—has leaked slowly into some European countries, many may think it’s purely a creation of the United States and Canada. However, its roots go back centuries (to areas that are now […]

“Fall” in love with a new game!

The temperatures are falling, and it’s starting to feel more and more like Fall in Germany. With all the cakes being made from this year’s huge fruit harvest, the new wine, the onion cake, the Oktoberfest beers, we thought people might be looking for a fun way to burn off a few calories. That’s why this month’s Learning Nugget is focused on an outdoor sport that anyone can play, but many people haven’t heard of: disc golf. Disc golf started out as a game people played around their neighborhoods or in nearby natural areas. They would take a frisbee like you might toss at the beach or in a park […]