Are you well prepared for your next journey abroad?

You might not have decided yet where you are going this year. Perhaps you are dreaming of a holiday abroad, however, it should be relaxing, fun and stress-free. Maybe you feel that not knowing the language is a handicap which prevents you from booking a holiday in a foreign country. It could be too embarrassing at the airport if you don’t understand the announcement over the loud speaker, too complicated to ask the bus driver for the right way, too difficult to check-in at the hotel or to order a meal in the restaurant. With so many perceived obstacles or difficulties you might decide to spend your holidays in Germany.

But don’t stay at home! We can help you to prepare for a wonderful holiday overseas in an English speaking country! Why not meet up with other pleasant people who have the same desire to speak English on their holidays? Why not spend an inspirational and fun day at a TIP TOP English workshop learning helpful phrases and useful tips in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere? We will work with you to overcome the uneasy anticipation of a vacation in an English speaking country, to break shyness and language barriers and to make sure that your holiday experience is positive, relaxing and memorable!

We are offering three Saturday workshops on 13 June, 27 June and 18 July from 9:00-5:00pm. The cost is €85 with a discount of 10€ for bookings made by 5 June. Drinks and snacks are included in the price. Go to our website and sign up for your “TIP TOP holiday workshop” today.

Don’t lose time! We look forward to welcoming at TIP TOP for an entertaining and interactive day!